Zayn drops brooding, but action-packed music video for Sour Diesel

By Bryan Durham - July 20, 2018

Zayn has just dropped the video for his latest single Sour Diesel, exclusively on Apple Music

Trust Zayn Malik to surprise everyone by doing the obvious. What’s that? Put out larger-than-life mini-films (can you call them music videos, even?) to his singles and make a story about it. That and the fact that everything he does — covers included, sells, and you have to be paying attention. With the video for his latest single ‘Sour Diesel’, he does what he’s been doing for the last three singles — create a showreel for his screen presence.

However, this video doesn’t connect to the last three singles — Dusk Till Dawn, Let Me and Entertainer — but creates its own mythos. Featuring Zayn as something of a vigilante/thief/rock robber, it sees him prepare for battle against an adversary who wants said rock more than him.


The five-and-a-half-minute video, directed by Sing J Lee, sees a whole lot of violence over a rock — nicknamed Sour Diesel, we assume (but in case you were wondering, Sour Diesel is a strain of cannabis and hence, we suppose, the lyric ‘she burn, she burn’)

But Zayn wants the rock and get it he will, even if he has to taser his opponent (not fair, Z!) again and again to prove his point.


He does find time to get in bed with a bevy of beauties and climb out before the ‘villain’ of the story comes for him. Because, hey, Zayn can do everything, okay!


And yes, he gives the villain enough rope to hang him with. But hey, who can count on a good villain these days. And, of course, he has help from a female accomplice…


But they’re both useless by themselves, until one gets their foe to get his guard down and attack him when he least expects it. And then go for the kill.


By the time they’re done and get ready to leave, they ready the place to burn. Because, you know, some people just like to watch the world burn.


But here’s the thing about the rather long video featuring the sultry vocals of a singer, so moody and brooding, he might as well have a emoji for that expressive face of his.

Also, remember that blonde look from Entertainer? It’s still here, in this video under that mask that seems borrowed from the Bhavesh Joshi Superstar set. You remember? That Harshvardhan Kapoor film? You don’t? We don’t blame you. But yeah, that mask!

Watch the video now if Zayn rocks your boat…


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