Wiz Khalifa releases song on an Oreo cookie

By Bryan Durham - February 10, 2019

Wiz Khalifa releases song on an Oreo cookie

Wiz Khalifa and son Sebastien feature in an upcoming Oreo advertisement set to screen during the Grammys.

The rapper and his son are part of a campaign called ‘Stay Playful’ for the cookie giant. But they aren’t just featuring in some ad.

The campaign sees the brand releasing a limited-edition Music Box that will allow you to play tunes from an Oreo cookie.

Wait, whaaaaat?

Yeah, you read that right. Just place Oreo cookie on Music Box, slide record arm in place and the song plays.

“Releasing a song on a cookie is crazy. Because it’s like technology has been so advanced these days and to incorporate something that is really really classic and then bring it up to date with the technology… it’s good for the kids, it’s good for everybody but it’s also just super cool – like it’s fun to see,” Khalifa told Hot New Hip Hop.

The song in question will be a new track by Wiz. Here’s a sneak peek at the ad…


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