Watch: FaceTime Friday With Darshan Raval… Grilled By The Darshaners Again!

By Bryan Durham - September 29, 2018

It’s really something watching Darshan Raval’s eyes light up as he fields eager (and sometimes totally random) questions from his fans (the Darshaners). Given that the young pop sensation is such a big part of their lives, it isn’t surprising to us at all. When we spoke to him at length recently, during the promotions of Do Din, a lot came to light.
All of these questions you read below are fan-sourced and in the order they were asked. They were picked at random…
Here’s how this FaceTime Friday Fan interview went….

1. Why do you call your fans ‘kids’ or ‘lil’? We are neither ‘lil’ nor ‘kids’? (Zainab Fatima)
2. Where do you find the inspiration to compose? (Sama D)
3. How do you find inspiration for sad love songs
4. Hi Darshan, I have a little sister named Bhavya. She’s 9, and whenever she hears Nayan Ni Bandh Rakhine she always asks me, “Why does Darshan keep calling out for Joya if she never comes? Does he not have any self-respect?” I have no answer for her. Please answer her. (Shatakshi Vashishtha)
5. Mere relationship mein aapki wajah se problems aa rahe hain. You see, I like you and my lover gets jealous even though he likes you too. Help me, how I do I handle it? (Manisha K)
6. The emojis you use the most are…? (Sadiya Akhter)
7. Singer first or songwriter first?
8. Your fav bhajan is…? (Zeel Sheth)
9. Any more songs before 2018 ends? (Dipti Das)
10. What would be harder for you — to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back? (Jyoti Sethiya)
11. Will you let your fans sing Channa Mereya at your wedding? (Neha Gola, Deeva Sharma)
12. Reveal your slangs list. You promised last time! (Jaya Pandey)
13. Describe your musical journey for 2018? (Bushra Ahmed)
14. Would you rather go a week without bathing, but be able to change your clothes? Or a week without changing your clothes but be able to bathe. (Masna Sheikh)
15. Would you collaborate with Justin Bieber? (Shruti Tayal)
16. What would you want Darshan Raval to be remembered for? (Fathima Nashiha)
17. During the times when you wanted to give up, what kept you going? (Fathima Nashiha)
18. One thing you always wanted to tell your father, but never said to him? (Muskan Ferwani)
19. If you were to give advice to the dreamers, what would it be? ((Fathima Nashiha)
20. What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour? (Helly Patel)
21. Explain the experience of going from being a master of sad songs to a #HappyLove song. (Priya PR)
22. Did you make the drop in the chorus from a musical instrument’s loop? (Himani Patel)
23. Your go-to #HappyLove song before Do Din? (Bushra Ahmed)
24. How do you stay so positive? Because sometimes, it’s difficult! (Lakshmi Rawal)
25. The most ridiculously funny thing anyone has tricked you into believing… (Parth Bhanushali)
26. One absolutely useless talent you have. (Parth Bhanushali)
27. If you could do something with zero restrictions and without facing any consequences, what would you do? (Vaishali Bhanushali)
28. One thing you regret the most (Prapti Vyas)


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