VOOT’s Fuh Se Fantasy gets a music video

By Bandook - April 16, 2019

VOOT original Fuh Se Fantasy is four episodes down and in case you aren’t aware, this 10-episode anthology is all about living out your fantasies.

If you’ve watched the just released music video for the series, it becomes clear that it’s all about grooving to the beat of those quirky desires and forbidden fantasies.

The boy meets the girl of his dreams, flirtatious desires and fun music comes into play and the screen is filled with some spicy chemistry!

The music video features actors Karan Wahi, Gaurav Pandey, Priya Banerjee and Anupriya Goenka, incorporates VR headsets and has the cast grooving to their fantasies.

The music video (which is also a hint to what the show might look like) is just a way of making your fantasies come alive.

The show itself is a delightful take on modern relationships that explores one’s deepest and most exciting desires.

So tune in to Voot for a new episode every Friday.


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