‘Veere Ki Wedding’ works in parts, but fails as a whole

By Bryan Durham - May 9, 2018


‘Veere Ki Wedding’ works in parts, but fails as a whole

Film: Veere Di Wedding

Music: Shashwat SachdevVishal MishraQARAN, White Noise
Lyrics: Shellee, Anvita Dutt, BADSHAH, Qaran, Rupin Pahwa, White Noise, Gaurav Solanki, Shashwat, Raj Shekhar
Label: Zee Music Company
Rating: *** (3/5)

Bryan Durham

1. Pappi Le Loon: As naughty as they come, this comes off sounding like the ultimate Punjabi bachelorette song. Sunidhi Chauhan has a romp, rollicking through Shellee’s verse and Shashwat’s music. Fresh, fast, furious dubstep-leaning, it has a touch of the traditional. We’re Indian, after all!

2. Bhangra Ta Sajda (No One Gives A Damn!): Has an old school-wala vibe opening by ROMY and Neha Kakkar. Segues into a wild night-about-town for the girls, we’re guessing. Shashwat (music) and Gaurav Solanki (lyrics) keep it fun and relatable.

3. Laaj Sharam: The nicely contrasted vocals of the grungy Divya Kumar and the child-like intonation of Jasleen Royal work beautifully against the kinda untamed soundscape of White Noise. Enbee’s rap comes in at the right point but doesn’t leave that much of an impact.

4. Veere: Vishal Mishra leads from the front as the sole male voice on the party of a title track which features Aditi Singh SharmaDhvani BhanushaliNikita AhujaPayal DevIulia Vantur and Sharvi Yadav. It’s a bopper of a track that you can’t stop bouncing to. Anvita Dutt’s verse feels effortless and grows on you.

5. Bass Gira De Raja: This one is a Shashwat show all the way. It’s almost like he’s creating a showreel for what he can do in the realm of electronic dance music with a touch of folk. Quirky, experimental, but enjoyable stuff.

6. Aa Jao Na: Arijit Singh doing his thing (that he does so well) on a Shashwat track (lyrics by Raj Shekhar) that feels big-room and dream-pop at the same time. This one has staying power.

7. Dagmag Dagmag: Payal Dev joins Vishal Mishra behind the mic for this groovy track, featuring lyrics by Anvita Dutt. It’s his vocal delivery that kinda has your attention than the actual music, though.

8. Tareefan: A song that will go down in history as the first time Badshah sings as well as raps on a Bollywood track, Qaran’s soundscape beautifully marries an Indian feel to an international sound. Qaran, Rupin Pahwa and Badshah’s lyrics blend in beautifully. Apart from Veere and Aa Jao Na, the only other standout track on this OST.

VERDICT: A rather middling effort, it works in parts and not as a whole.


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