Two acts go missing from BackDoors 2018 lineup!

By Bandook - February 14, 2018

Two acts go missing from BackDoors 2018 lineup! - Bandook

Two acts go missing from BackDoors 2018 lineup!
And there’s no update on official social media handles

As of January 31 this year, we received a press release about the addition of Mahesh Raghunandan and  TesseracT  to the lineup of Backdoors 2018.

The lineup was already in the news for an eclectic lineup. Anderson .Paakand The Free Nationals as headlining act, Wolf AliceWatskyDanny Goffeyand Indian acts When Chai Met ToastDIVINE and Prateek Kuhad.

Then, a week later, TesseracT dropped from the lineup without so much as a by-your-leave.

This is followed by another curious exit. As early as Monday morning (February 12), Divine announces his exit from the festival via his Instagramstories.

If you go to the Twitter page of Backdoors, the old lineup still exists on their cover.

By the time you read this, three-four acts would have been done – Mahesh R, Charisma (new addition, only announced when the schedule was), when Chai Met Toast and probably Danny Goffey.

What is surprising, is that nobody from either The Humming Tree or Backdoors has issued an official statement.

Divine’s exit is attributed to “unavoidable circumstances’, one has little to go by as to what those circumstances are.

Also curious is the fact that while the media was approached for coverage prior to the event, we are now given to understand that the organisers only have two media outlets in attendance.

What’s happening behind Backdoors?

PS: We’re aware that lineups are subject to change, but would it hurt them to do the courtesy of informing fans interesting in attending to catch their idols performing?


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