Tried the Rihanna Birthday Challenge yet?

By Bryan Durham - February 20, 2019

All you gotta do is google RIHANNA and type out your birthday! Jaaddoooo follows

Just go do it already! Do what we just said (search for “Rihanna ”, press enter and sit back and watch as you check out what Rihanna wore on your birthday. There’s a different outfit for every day of the year. YES. EVERY DAY.

Because, let’s face it, Rihanna is perfect and she almost never repeats an outfit, making each birthday celebrant feel special and unique. And Rihanna Navy or not, you’re gonna be curious nevertheless.

But are you a wee bit curious why this went viral? Well, because Twitter user @ChipNudePolish tweeted this…

Last checked, said tweet had 3K retweets and 15K+ likes. People sent in their results with some celebs getting in on the action.

Teen Vogue has called the Rihanna meme “a startlingly accurate representation of mood, personality, and overall life.”

What we’re saying is this, you’re having a dull day and doing this exercise barely takes away anything from your “productive” day. And it’s fun to check out what she wore on your, your friend’s, your colleague or whoever’s birthday.

Yeah, maybe it will take away your productivity and lead you down a rabbit hole.

But who’s complaining?


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