‘They’re a hard group to get with’

By Bandook - June 20, 2018

‘They’re a hard group to get with’
Shawn Mendes on why the BTS collab is taking time

Now, more than ever, it’s easy to see how much more massive BTS’s reach has become with even hitmaker Shawn Mendes is waiting to collaborate with them.

Shawn recently spoke to a Toronto radio station about a possible collaboration with the Korean boy band. “It’ll happen,” said Shawn.

“They’re a hard group to get with,” Mendes told KiSS 92.5‘s The Roz and Mocha Show on Tuesday. “They’re busy people. I have no lyrics on their collaboration yet. It’ll happen. Promise. I can’t give you a date because we haven’t hung out and wrote a song yet, but it will happen. ‘Cause I love them and I think — their fans too. So I promise.”

Why is there talk of a collaboration? Because they discussed this on the boyband’s YouTube channel at the 2017 American Music Awards.

Well, fingers crossed. Both the group and the artist are huge stars with their own fan armies.

Guess the collab will happen when it happens.


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