Theher Ja | Review

By Bryan Durham - March 21, 2018

Theher Ja | Review - Bandook

Review by Bryan Durham

There’s a rare beauty in the just-released track from the October​ soundtrack.
Featuring the velvety vocals of Armaan Malik​, and picturised on Varun Dhawan​ and Banita Sandhu​, Theher Ja aptly showcases the poignancy of an unspoken, unrequitted love.
For a film that charts longing and loss so beautifully (from what we can make out in the trailer), this song is in sharp contrast (sonically) with the film’s theme, giving off an unmistakable feel-good vibe.
We predict a longer shelf-life for the song. Take it from us, it will outlive the film. It has a crossover appeal for different mediums (something few songs in Bollywood have these days).
Lyrically, Abhiruchi Chand​ keeps it simple and makes the language accessible, giving it a strong, sing-along quality.
Kudos to composer Abhishek Arora! Not overdone, not underdone, it hits a rather sweet spot.


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