The Yellow Diary plays ‘Point-And-Shoot’

By Bandook - June 19, 2018

The Yellow Diary plays ‘Point-And-Shoot’

Find out who’s the flirtiest and the quietest in this Indian rock band

When you’re a tight-knit bunch like the boys in The Yellow Diary are, nobody knows you like the other guys in the room, do. This boyband — Himonshu ParikhRajan BatraVaibhav PaniStuart DaCosta and Sahil Shah — is made up of friends who, by now, know each other reasonably well.

Well enough, and long enough to tell us in a game of ‘Point-And-Shoot’ (while trying their hardest to keep a straight face), who’s the laziest, the flirtiest, the quietest among them. And yeah, the one person among them who your secrets will stay safe with… you know… just in case, you need to tell that person.

Here goes…


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