The Wakhra Song makes adequate noises, but where’s the SWAG?

By Bryan Durham - July 9, 2019

The Wakhra Song makes adequate noises, but where’s the SWAG?

The Wakhra Song, the first single to drop from the Judgementall Hai Kya soundtrack, is here and (no surprises!) it’s a re-creation of Navv Inder and Badshah’s Wakhra Swag.

(No prizes for guessing) The film song has been programmed and arranged by Tanishk Bagchiand features lyrics by TB and rap by Raja Kumari.

Navv Inder returns to serve a dose of nostalgia with Lisa Mishra singing the female portions and RK nailing the rap portions.

What is curious is the absence of Badshah from the track, given that with one verse in the original, he is what brought the real swag to that song. Plus, it is HIS original composition. 

While we have no complaints with Navv Inder, Lisa Mishra and Raja Kumari’s vocals, we found the overall effect of the song diluted by Tanishk’s
“programming” and “arranging” and revised lyrics.

Also, one wonders what was hoped to be achieved by the visuals of the song, given how visibly uncomfortable and rigid both actors — Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao — are.

Badshah’s a swag-star and effortlessly so. We know why he was dropped from the re-creation (the re-created song has clearly been told from a female perspective) and that’s really okay, but we know for a fact, given the body of his work, that Badshah would have definitely been a welcome boost to the song.


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