The perfect antidote for Bollywood’s re-creation fever, ‘Kyun Rabba’ is here!

By Bryan Durham - February 20, 2019

SONG: Kyun Rabba
Armaan Malik
Amaal Mallik
Zee Music Company


This is Amaal Mallik’s “comeback”. He took the year off to come up with something he could be proud of putting out. Badla’s first single Kyun Rabba sees him reunite with his brother Armaan Malik and lyricist Kumaar on a film after a while. This song also marks Amaal as the youngest composer to work on a film starring Amitabh Bachchan. It also happens to be his first film with Sujoy Ghosh, Taapsee Pannu and Red Chillies Entertainment.


As the video for Kyun Rabba opens, melancholy is heavy in the air, and you see Taapsee Pannu call it off with her lover even as she spends quality time with her family. She’s torn about the decision.
The rest of the video is filled with montage shots that would be familiar to those who’ve seen the film’s trailer.
Visually, there’s a lot of introspection and you’re taken through the turmoil the lead character faces.


Picture yourself listening to ambient sounds as you sit by the ocean. You’re looking at the setting sun, pondering about everything going wrong with your life and then, in all that drama, a sliver of light breaks through.
You’re rooted in the reality of your situation but as the catharsis of letting it all out, plays on, you’ve got a load off your shoulders and your mind, even.

Kyun Rabba is that track. Even sans the lyrics, this rock ballad stands on its own, charting a journey as an initially reluctant, yet eventually soaring rock ballad.

Amaal’s kept the mood appropriately light despite the mood you see in the video. It offers a nice contrast and offers a sliver of hope when one is at one’s worst.

The perfect antidote for Bollywood’s re-creation fever, ‘Kyun Rabba’ is here!

There’s a reason Armaan Malik is on this track and it has little to do with him being Amaal’s brother and more to do with his versatility and vocal range.

That comes to the fore as one of India’s youngest singing superstars. He doesn’t just shine on lead vocals, but on the beautifully rendered backing vocals.

His voice here, is as much an anchor as it is a winged creature straining at chains to take flight.

Yes, the poetry in the voice is THAT evident and is helped along by the brilliant and often underrated Kumaar.

Best known for his party tracks, the lyricist is a superbly gifted wordsmith who writes some of the most beautiful love songs as well. He effectively highlights the restrained chaos in the lead character’s mind.

bandook VERDICT

Wholesome, original and beautifully layered, Kyun Rabba is just the antidote Bollywood needs to get rid of this re-creation fever.


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