‘The Only Bombay Blues Man’ Aki Kumar releases Dilruba!

By Bandook - August 16, 2019

‘The Only Bombay Blues Man’ Aki Kumar releases Dilruba!
Aki Kumar and his band

What happens when Bollywood meets the blues? The answer lies in the bi-continental music of Mumbai-born California-based blues sensation Aki Kumar aka ‘The Only Bombay Blues Man’, who makes his India debut with Dilruba — joyfully innocent, energetic, enthusiastic, it harks back to the swing era with a modern twist, that’s refreshing and rooted in tradition at the same time.

San Jose resident Aki Kumar (real name: Akarsha Kumar) left Mumbai’s shores to pursue a career in software engineering in Silicon Valley. But found his calling when he discovered the blues and decided to blend it with a retro Bollywood pop sound.

Get ready for a multi-cultural mashup like no other as Kumar announces a full-length album set to release with Sony Music India.

What can one expect from the artist? Says Aki broadly describing his trademark sound, “I call my sound ‘Bollywood Blues’. It’s Retro Desi Rock ‘n’ Roll for today’s generation.”

The first single Dilruba released earlier today, with the rest of the tracks dropping soon.

Watch the video here:


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