Tera Zikr or Shab Tum Ho co-star: Darshan Raval on who he likes more

By Bandook - February 14, 2018

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the day of love, bandook managed to squeeze in a couple of questions for Darshan Raval, who had a ‘digital date’ with his fans on the Sony Music India page.

On #KissDay today, he began by blowing a kiss to his fans before setting out to answer several questions which revolved around his tour dates and his upcoming work after #TeraZikr and #ShabTumHo.

Here are excerpts from that LIVE conversation…

When we asked who he liked working with better – his Tera Zikr co-star Malhaar Rathod or his Shab Tum Ho co-star Sarah Khatri, he laughed about us putting him in the spot with a ‘controversial’ question, he diplomatically answered, “Both were amazing. It’s not about me enjoying working with them. They had to feel comfortable working with me. The question should go to them: were they comfortable working with me? I was. Both are very good actors and have a lot of work behind them. I was new. They were very helpful to me, guiding me along. I’m thankful to them for that and yeah, I liked working with both of them.”

We proceeded to ask him if his next would be a dance number (considering the last two massive hits are both love songs, he said that he’d “love to do a dance number next. Who knows? The next single might just be a dance number”, he offered.

Another question that caught our eye was about him following a specific diet before shooting his videos. He replied in the affirmative and pointed out that his videos from #Baarish to Tera Zikr show a “huge difference on my face and body. He further said, “There’s a crazy diet that I have been following with very less carbs and (I’ve been doing) a lot of running.”

When asked what was going to follow Shab Tum Ho specifically, he shared, “After Shab Tum Ho, I will be taking a little musical break, where I’m going to get away from everything and just make music. So let’s see what comes out after that.”

Fingers crossed!


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