Sinead O’Connor converts to Islam

By Bryan Durham - October 26, 2018

Sinead O’Connor converts to Islam

She now goes by the name Shuhada’

Sinead O’Connor announced her renouncing of Catholicism last week (October 19) via Twitter. She tweeted about her conversion to Islam and her change of name.

The singer will now be known as Shuhada’. A cursory search of the meaning of the word yields this: It’s the plural of the Arabic word, ‘shaheed’, which means ‘martyrs’.

The star changed her name on her Twitter page to Shuhada’ Davitt. Her handle, @MagdaDavitt77, contains the moniker she previously legally adopted last year.

The first tweet by the ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ singer about Islam, comes on Oct 12, where she speaks about women being allowed to sing the azaan…

Then came the actual announcement tweet…

She then posted her first attempt at singing the ‘azan’

Acknowledging that she had made some “mistakes”, she tweeted:

She then went on to post another female singer (Mai Kamal) singing the azan.

She spoke about wearing the hijab for the first time.

Said she wouldn’t post a picture (because it was “too personal”), but did it anyway.

And did it again and captioned it “Happy”

She then went on to clarify her earlier statement about her conversion with this tweet

She posted this picture against a backdrop with the words, “You have taken my body, you have taken my mind, you have taken my children but you will never take my voice.”

And then tried her best at pronouncing the Arabic word “Alhamdulillah” which beans ‘Praise be to God’ with some help from Irish Imam Shaykh Dr Umar al-Qadri, even putting up a video of the effort.

And finally, this tweet…

This isn’t, however, the first time the singer has publicly spoken about religion and the state of her faith. In 1992, she sparked controversy after ripping up a photograph of the Pope live on US television.

By her own account, she seems to have “found peace”.


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