Shawn Mendes goes dark on ‘In My Blood’, talks about giving up…

By Bryan Durham - March 22, 2018

Shawn Mendes goes dark on ‘In My Blood’, talks about giving up… - Bandook

Shawn Mendes goes dark on ‘In My Blood’, talks about giving up…
Here’s what we think about the track that we think you should #justpushplay for. What does the #MendesArmy feel about it?

Bryan Durham for bandook

The songwriter in Shawn Mendes comes shining through in what may be one of his most personal singles yet. It sees him in a vulnerable space.
Sticking to a percussive beat that’s accompanied by an acoustic guitar, it then expands into the chorus will a full-throated cry that reaches into your very soul.
At a time when one looks for motivation in songs (exams are on in this part of the world and the pressure to succeed by all means necessary, is crushing), Mendes’s song brings it. Think of this as a far more mature ‘Fireworks’ (by Katy Perry).
You can make out he’s in a place that radiates no light. He’s thought of giving up, lying on the floor, and the “walls are caving in”, sends out an impassioned cry for help. He then pulls himself back from the brink and tells himself “I feel like giving up, but it just isn’t in my blood”
When you’re depressed and you “feel nothing”, you need “someone to help you out” or to even just LISTEN, it goes a great way in making you feel better soon.
If this song feels you and where you’re coming from, that’s a start. Looking forward to a video.


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