Shawn Mendes gets a butterfly tattoo on his bicep!

By Bandook - July 24, 2019

While we are getting butterflies in our stomach looking at the pictures of “Shawmila” Shawn Mendes has gone ahead and gotten a butterfly tattoo on his left bicep! It doesn’t end there, he drew inspiration for the tattoo from a tweet that a fan posted!

Twitterverse is a place where we all find daily inspiration but this seems to be another level of inspiration! On Twitter, a fan posted an edit of Shawn with a butterfly tattoo, suggesting that he should definitely get it inked on his arm (because why not) “Shawn Mendes with a butterfly tattoo. I rest my case,” she wrote, attaching two separate images of Shawn in a white tee, butterfly tattoo edit on full display in both images. The fan stated that this tattoo is not her work and the original drawing and design actually belongs to male tattoo artist, Mac Dreaper, who’s located in Santiago, Chile. 

While this fan was absolutely NOT aware of what this tweet was going to lead to. Shawn, beside himself with the excitement of a new tattoo prospect, actually went out of his way to DM the fan who made the edit. “Can u send me a real photo of butterfly tattoo??” Shawn asked. After a near fainting text exchange between both of them, Shawn went ahead and booked the very next appointment to get the ink done. The tattoo was done by Toronto-based tattoo artist, Livia Tsang. Who has thankfully blessed us with MANY photos of this mesmerizing. Of course the fan is alive and breathing after this and we are busy making a note of another reason why we love Shawn!


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