Shalmali: I enjoyed playing myself in the Ruka Ruka video

By Bryan Durham - November 19, 2019

The video for pop diva Shalmali’s recently released pop single blows you away with incisive look at relationships in the virtual age. We spend hours on our phones, but spend so little time communicating. That and more is captured in the video for Ruka Ruka, presented by Big Bang Music, which also happens to be a Gaana original.

Shalmali: I enjoyed playing myself in the Ruka Ruka video

Co-curated by Shalmali, Digvijay Singh Pariyar & Sunny MR, the song & video will stream exclusively on Gaana and Big Bang Music’s YouTube channel and will be available on radio stations and music channels.

Along with Shalmali, the music video also features actor Aparshakti Khurana and their chemistry (inspite of having only one scene together) adds an unexpected emotional heft to the video.

We reached out to Shalmali during the promotions of the song and discussed the video at length. Here are her replies to out questions

How did you come up with a love song in a video about being disconnected in a hyper-connected world?

Ruka Ruka wasn’t composed or written keeping the phone samasya in mind. But the broken feeling of the song invoked the sentiment of disruption that a phone causes in relationships. Jugaad Motion Pictures, the production house that made my video came up with this brilliant idea that eventually became an integral part of what the song is about today. The audio itself has no reference to cell phones or communication, but we decided to take that route for the video because we believed it to be a real issue in a lot of Gen-Next relationships. 

The shehnai stands out in stark contrast with the idea of a relationship falling apart. What was the idea behind using that in the sound of the song?

I was really keen on the shehnai because it suddenly elevates the seriousness of the relationship in question. It being an instrument that is played at weddings, the use of the shehnai is an attempt to make the relationship a serious one – one that both parties are very invested in. 

The video shows a strong, believable chemistry between you and Apar, in spite of very rarely sharing a frame together. How did that work out?

The only time Apar and I have shared the frame is in the beginning of the video. We shot the rest of the video on separate days. I had to channel all those instances in my life where I felt anger and sadness for having been ignored or not having gotten attention. I enjoyed playing myself immensely! 

One rarely (if ever) hears Sunny MR sing. How did you convince him?

There was no convincing at all. What you hear on the track, was a cue Sunny had sung that would eventually be sung by a “male” voice. But we got so used to listening to Sunny’s voice which such a rare unheard quality to it that we decided it had to be this.

Why team up with Gaana on this track?

We believed in the audio of the track and thought it fit to go to someone like Gaana that promotes and makes good music be heard. It’s got the audience we thought Ruka Ruka deserved.

There’s a feeling that this video will have a follow-up. Are we right in assuming this?

Haha! Are you asking for one ? [Editor’s Note: Yes, we are!]

What’s next from you and BGBNG?

We are shooting our next music video soon. The audio is ready to be rolled out.


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