Sanam’s ‘Tu Yahaan’ is an incomplete dream

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - August 1, 2018

Sanam’s ‘Tu Yahaan’ is an incomplete dream

Sanam Puri’s Tu Yahaan is a dream that was left to be fulfilled in the hands of someone else. It is a song you wish you wrote so that you could change the lyrics a little and make it better.

His powerful vocals could have been put to great use, and the way the music video is shot, everything could have been perfect. Keywords being ‘could have been’.

Poorly written lyrics with dramatic music don’t end up in a good combination. Everything about this song is a series of ‘almosts’ and only leaves us more disappointed. The music is perhaps the only good thing about this song.

According to Sanam, this is a song that took them years to release. After creating many versions of it, they finally came to a conclusion of choosing the one that is all over YouTube now. A song about love and heartbreak, it’s sure to make you feel something, but it’s not enough for you to love this song.


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