Rihanna’s India tour? It’s not happening!

By Bryan Durham - May 23, 2019

At least not on the date announced. Sources in the know confirm to bandook that she will only make it to India in 2020, if at all

Rihanna’s India tour? It’s not happening!

In April this year, every major news outlet in India lost its sh*t when a leading newspaper claimed that “a source” confirmed that “Rihanna will be coming to India for the first time this year and will be performing in Mumbai on October 19.”

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but NO! It ain’t happening!

And why can we say that with such conviction? Because IT ISN’T HAPPENING!

Let’s check out some of the reasons why…

First off, let’s start ticking the most obvious telltale signs.

A “source” confirms to a leading national daily’s entertainment supplement and a news as BIG as that, goes without a byline. Why should I believe this as credible? 

If you go by every news outlet that covered this “news” since it got out, the clincher was the confirmation of the concert date by the “source”: October 19, 2019.

And that’s where it starts to get a little suspicious. 

For one, Rihanna is busier being a makeup mogul (and making more money doing that, than creating music). 

Secondly, while she has shared details of her upcoming as-yet untitled reggae-centric album, including the fact that it WILL release in 2019, she HASN’T really shared a release date for the album.

With less than five months to go till the ‘confirmed’ date of tour, it seems highly unlikely that a tour will happen immediately post the album release. 

Which in any case, hasn’t been announced even.

That isn’t to say, that things can’t change in the interim.

In fact, a tweet confirmed that her tour dates did briefly leaked on Google, but that only confirms what we already know, Rihanna won’t, in all probability be able to keep her “confirmed” date with India.

A US tour will obviously have more dates around those leaked. In any case, neither RiRi or her team has commented on the leak.

Also, another thing worth noting is that at least four people were arrested on charges of faking relationships with Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Janet Jackson to raise millions in investment for shows in the US.

Like we’ve said before (as in Zayn’s case), if the artist hasn’t spoken/tweeted/shared tour details, we’re better off waiting for confirmation.

Which — a month since this news broke — we haven’t received from any organiser (at this point, unnamed).

A source in the know has something different to share. We’ve been told that the decision to “leak” the concert date may have been a hasty one. There’s confirmation that the Rihanna India tour could happen but… it will DEFINITELY not happen on October 19,2019. And that’s a fact.

So there you have it. You could hope that we’re wrong (and start saving up) or you could simply take us at our word and not suffer the torture of us telling you, “We told you so.”

Because we are going to. You can take our word for it!


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