REVIEW: Ranveer Singh brings the fire with Gully Boy’s ‘Doori’

By Bryan Durham - January 28, 2019

The fire in the belly is nowhere as evident as it is in the video for Gully Boy’s ‘Doori’. As Ranveer Singh gets behind the microphone to record the song, you see and hear of a Mumbai you’re all too familiar with, if you live in the city.

Nowhere else can you be as distant from your fellow human despite sharing crammed spaces and places with every class. The city as the great leveller, in spite of this dichotomy, is what makes life here as vibrant as it does.

Of all the film’s singles released so far, this one is the first to see Ranveer truly become the character he plays. It’s a song that benefits as much from the uni-‘verse’ created by Javed Akhtar and DIVINE as it does from the in-your-face (pun totally intended) cinematography.

Rishi Rich plays a small but significant part it adding to the entire experience. It culminates into a video the whole team can be proud of.

Catch the video here…


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