REVIEW: Hard Kaur’s ‘Aunty Dance Kar’ will get you grooving

By Bryan Durham - October 23, 2018

SINGLE: Aunty Dance Kar
SINGERS: Hard Kaur
MUSIC: Hard Kaur
LYRICS: Hard Kaur

Wanna pep up da Punjabi wedding? Have Hard Kaur wake up the baaraatis and make some dhamaal with some sick beats.

The Sherni’s an entertainer, alright! She gets the party started on a mid-tempo beat (by Vipul Kapoor). The lyrics celebrate all things that spell out a big fat Punjabi wedding.

TeamDG keeps with the mood. There’s always a BBT gedi in the background and you’re wondering why it’s at a wedding. That apart, it’s competently put together.

Gotta get up when Hard Kaur gets into the groove. Just pump up the bass. Personally, we’re cool with the audio, not so much with the video.


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