REVEALED: The song that’s got tiktok users bawling and bobbing

By Bryan Durham - February 15, 2019

There’s a song blowing up on tiktok India and it sounds a lot like the haunting Udaarian by Satinder Sartaaj. We did some digging and can reveal about the song in question, in case you were wondering.

Called ‘Teri Pyari Pyari Do Akhiyan (Sajjna)’, sung by Bhinda Aujla & Bobby Layal featuring Sunny Boy, with music by Bhinda Aujla, the track released on Amar Audio in 2014, a full four years prior to Udaarian, the Satinder track composed by Jatinder Shah (see below).

The Bhinda Aujla track has made a massive comeback thanks to tiktok users with a dance move that involves a side-to-side bob of head and a bucketload of tears. The videos with this audio have had a cumulative 500 million views so far under hashtags #TereBinaDilNaiyoLagda #TeriPyariPyari and #TeriPyariPyariDoAakhiya.

It still isn’t immediately clear why Teri Pyari Pyari has made a comeback on titktok after all these years, but it does have a lot of people making it go viral!

With users putting their own spin on the track, it’s flying for now, proving that music has no shelf-life, that it can be repackaged for a generation with attention-deficiency, if done with a little quirkiness.

In fact, Bhinda even shared some of the ‘versions’ on Instagram…

Here are a few examples of how to be a part of the madness…


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