The Remix Episode 4 review: How vanilla can this show get?

By Bryan Durham - March 23, 2018

The Remix Episode 4 review: How vanilla can this show get?

The Remix Episode 4 review: How vanilla can this show get?

Bryan Durham for bandook

Why do you watch music talent hunts? Is it the hilarious auditions? The banter or bonhomie between judges? Or the contestants who act “extra”? Well, whatever your poison, Amazon Prime Video India‘s The Remix seems to have it in short supply.

By the time you check in to check out the fourth episode, you know the lay of the land. You either make your peace with the format and the people involved and watch it as a whole, or skip through to the performance/judgment parts.

As someone who has to watch it through, I’ll tell you this. There’s nothing wrong with the format, the quality of production or even the contestants. It’s the editing, the pacing and the direction. It’s just something we’ve felt since the first episode — it feels like we’re going through the motions and nothing more. Prettily packaged, a bit rough around the edges, but still.

The only time you kinda connect to the contestants is during the making-of section in each episode. Also, there is no build-up, no anticipation leading up to the results, no pregnant pauses or dramatic cuts.

Nothing that gets you talking about the moments that made the episode. And so far, that’s been a continuing grouse.

Not saying that it makes this any fresher than other shows in the market, just that it needed something more than the newness of format to fend off other shows like American Idol or The Voice in the battle for eyeballs.

This week’s theme was ‘Love Songs’. And to me, the standouts were quite visibly Sreerama Chandra-Candice and Thomson Andrews– NSG. One’s excesses and the other’s minimalism worked in stark contrast to great effect.

Several contestants formerly ‘danger zone’ regulars bounced back, trouncing the strongest contenders who replaced them in the bottom three.

The most seasoned of the three judges, Sunidhi Chauhan was the only one who manages to keep viewers on tenterhooks with her decisions. Nucleya and Amit Trivedi seem really helpful and give constructive criticism, but as a viewer, feel really one-dimensional.

I mean, just see how a Shaan and Himesh feed off each other’s energies, or Simon Cowell and the rest of the panel. Or even Blake Shelton’s ‘bromance’ with Adam Levine. I want to have water-cooler conversations about the just-released episode of The Remix. Trouble is, it doesn’t get more vanilla than this.

Overall, the episode is underwhelming, with only a few contestants registering some sort of progress.


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