Rapidfire with Raja Kumari

By Bandook - February 27, 2018

Rapidfire with Raja Kumari - Bandook

RAPIDFIRE WITH RAJA KUMARI: One social media mistake she wants you to avoid, is…
What we learnt: She’s as quick with her responses as she is with her rhymes. Read on for more

Team bandook

Rap princess and songwriter Raja Kumari managed to squeeze in just about enough time before one of her recent performances for a rapidfire volley of questions from us. Here’s how it went down…

Why RajaKumari and not Rajkumari?
It’s in Sanskrit. That’s why.

One unreleased collaboration you’re waiting for?
I have an unreleased collaboration with Method Man. One day you guys will hear it.

One rapper you’d gladly do battle with?
Whoever challenges me, how about that? If they bring the challenge, I’ll bring the battle!

One social media mistake everybody should avoid?

Would you consider doing a reality show? Which one?
Documentary-style. When I used to work with artists, I didn’t know what they used to have for lunch. It gave me a little mystery, so I’d like to keep that.

One thing everybody should run and tell their mummy?
That you love her.

The most authentic MC out there!
If you’re talking about India, DIVINE is the most authentic MC out there, we all know that. He speaks the truth. Worldwide, I really love Chance The Rapper, I really love #Kanye (West), I love Pusha T. I love people who tell the truth.

Your experience working with Anirudh Ravichander (On #NeverBackDown)?
Amazing. He gave me so much creative freedom. His production is so fresh! And he made me proud. There’s good music coming out of India.

Define your style.
Unapologetic. Colourful. Fun. Live life to the fullest.


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