‘Purple Harmony only has one track on the ‘Die Trying’

By Bryan Durham - March 9, 2018

‘Purple Harmony only has one track on the ‘Die Trying’

SOUNDARYA Jayachandran is a delight to watch on the web-series ‘Die Trying’ which just completed the first season on Amazon Prime Video India, created by and starring Kenny Sebastian.
Featuring music by When Chai Met Toast and Nigel Rajaratnam, the show is about a band’s struggle to make it big in a crowd of acts and the hilarious situations that ensue. We recently caught up with Soundarya to ask her about the show’s OST. Here’s what she had to say about the album that drops today.

How many of Purple Harmony’s songs are going to be on it?
I think just one. Wake Up Next To You.

How many songs in all on the album?
Eight in all.

And if you were ever going to make a band like that, who’d you want backing you?
I think this musician friend of mine from Delhi called Kamakshi Khanna. We’ve sung together before and our voices blend really well. Also, we have similar working patterns and she’s also one of my closest friends. So it’d work really well.

Weren’t you on the same season of The Stage?
Yes. Season 1.


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