Priyank Sharma confirms he CAN’T sing, but… he CAN rap

By Bryan Durham - May 27, 2019

Priyank Sharma confirms he CAN’T sing, but… he CAN rap

Aastha Gill’s male co-star in the Saara India video, TV personality Priyank Sharma has proved again and again that he has acting chops and a magnetic screen presence, but when asked by this writer if he would consider taking up singing at some point, he replied in the negative.

“I can’t sing”, he insisted, during bandook‘s joint interview with Aastha and him during the promotions of Saara India. “I really can’t sing”, he reiterated.

And then, nonchalantly, between sips of coffee, Aastha let it slip that he CAN, in fact, rap. She told us as much, adding, that he heard him spit some bars during rehearsals the previous evening.

While Priyank tried, unsuccessfully, to play it down, Aastha egged him to rap on camera. That’s how convinced she was, that Priyank had a career as a potential rapper.

While he said that it was something he did with a group of friends, he did, however, promise Aastha that they would record something together soon.

Well, fingers crossed! Hope to hear his debut rap single (or even a cover will do!) soon!


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