REVIEW: Pride powers Raja Kumari’s kaleidoscopic video for ‘Shook’

By Bryan Durham - November 20, 2018

REVIEW: Pride powers Raja Kumari’s kaleidoscopic video for ‘Shook’

It’s a stark change of scene for California-based Indian rapper Raja Kumari (real name: Svetha Rao) yet again in her latest single ‘Shook’, a follow-up to ‘I Did It’ and ‘City Slums’.

She has drawn from her Indian experiences over the past couple of years to build the lyrical framework of ‘Shook’, a song that’s all swag and brag.

There’s a deep-seated sense of pride, a surging flow of force that powers ‘Shook’. It’s a track that might well define the direction her sound takes at this point.

The music video, directed by Gil Green, plays out like a kaleidoscope of references visually with Svetha moving from sporty fluorescent styling to a steely gray saree draped around army fatigues along with a garish pink-blue outfit and a leopard-print top paired with a tracksuit and a multicoloured shrug.

One imagines the idea is to keep the fire of your imagination burning. To keep you guessing. To provoke you to think.

Which you do. Svetha doesn’t let you take a breather, throwing bars like bullets. She’s playing the game and making a name. Make sure you don’t ‘get in her way’.

Watch the video here:


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