‘Poster Lagwa Do’ is an unnecessary re-creation

By Bryan Durham - January 29, 2019

The video for Poster Lagwa Do, the first single from the Luka Chuppi soundtrack has dropped and the video, while more aesthetically pleasing than the first, is a definite disappointment.

First off, it’s a rather unimaginative re-creation, both visually and sonically. Let’s start with the visuals. If the original was fluorescent hell, the new one aspires to be pastel paradise. The costume contrasts are more pronounced, but the set pieces are as derivative as one can imagine. Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon both look like they thought of backing out of this at the last minute, but went ahead with it, anyway.

Then there’s the audio itself. One expected better from Sachin-Jigar’s A&R venture. If this is what ‘give-the-public-what-they-love’ sounds like, I think we’re growing tone-deaf.

Vocal chopping has long outworn its novelty and the use for the sake of using it, is a lost cause. Mika sounds like a perfect replacement for Lalit Sen, but Sunanda (whose songs we otherwise love) doesn’t get to play around with her vocals as much as we’d like. The song doesn’t do her voice justice.

All in all, a re-creation we could’ve done without. Adds absolutely nothing to the experience.

‘Poster Lagwa Do’ is an unnecessary re-creation

Song Title: Poster Lagwa Do
Singers: Mika Singh and Sunanda Sharma
Music: White Noise Studios
Lyrics: White Noise Studios


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