Pav Dharia’s ‘Roti’ gets a ‘real’ music video

By Bryan Durham - October 23, 2018

To understand why an everyday NRI Punjabi family features heavily in this Pav Dharia (of Na Ja fame) video, you need to know why Roti even got made in the first place.

You can see the whole story HERE, but to put it in a nutshell, a viral Instagram video of a family from Brampton, Canada caught his eye and he decided to make a song around it after someone mixed his Na Ja to the video.

The Sydney-based Punjabi singer’s catchy bopper has Aunty and her family recreate the sequence of events and Pav walking them through the recording.

It’s all cute and cool. Our only grouse? It ends too soon!

SINGLE: Roti ft Raxstar & Rokitbeats
SINGERS: Pav Dharia
MUSIC: Rokitbeats
LYRICS: Pav Dharia and Raxstar


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