Pakistan’s answer to The Chainsmokers, SomeWhatSuper is back with ‘Uth Shah’

By Bryan Durham - October 17, 2018

And it’s quite unlike their earlier songs, but just as addictive

SomeWhatSuper’s ‘Uth Shah’ is out and it’s quite different from any of their songs that you may be familiar with. Based on some exquisite classical poetry, it’s a bit more restrained than they’re used to.

However, if you haven’t heard of SomeWhatSuper, we won’t blame you. Our introduction to Lahore-based duo — Talha Dar and Feroze Faisal — happened purely by accident. We were ego-surfing on Spotify to create a themed playlist for our website and chanced upon their version of ‘Bandook’.

Leading the charge in experimentation in EDM and change of perception of the genre in Pakistan, the duo has, over the past few years, built a strong following.

In an interview with Red Bull, Talha admitted that social media has had a large part to play in their success. “Social media has played a tremendous role in our journey. It was digital media which brought us on the map. We do everything ourselves – all growth on our social media is organic,” he said.

As the same interview also states, they’ve started a group on Facebook to help aspiring musicians out with their queries whenever they have a chance to. “We’re very active and try and help out others as much as we can. After all, our eventual goal is to make electronic music, mainstream in Pakistan.”

That day isn’t too far, if you’ve ever been on Pakistan’s biggest streaming service, Patari Music. They have actually started devoting an entire playlist (updated quite often) over the past few months. Also, have you heard their smash hit — a Patari Tabeer single, ‘The Sibbi Song’ (ft Abid Brohi)? It released last year.


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