Our Rain-Themed Interview with Darshan Raval!

By Bryan Durham - July 19, 2018

Our Rain-Themed Interview with Darshan Raval!

We’ve come to know and love Darshan Raval over the past year as an artist who doesn’t hold back on screen or off it. It’s his earnestness, his humility, his kindness, his joy that shines through on any rainy day.

As someone who works hard and parties harder, we ask him about the one party he’ll never forget and why. Almost immediately, we switch gears asking him if losing in love makes for better love songs.

We ask him to tell us what he loves about his own voice. And yes, we ask him if there are any hidden meanings in Baarish Lete Aana.

Also, while one can’t get enough of the baarish-themed songs by Darshan, haven’t we had enough of the rains in Mumbai? Yes, we also asked him that!



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