One Should ‘Ban’ Dance Mein Kutta

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - May 23, 2018

One Should ‘Ban’ Dance Mein Kutta

Why we are barking about this Bollywood song

What the makers thought would be a preppy dance song, turns out to be a horrible disaster. @3devfilm is an upcoming 2018 Bollywood comedy film starring Karan Singh GroverRavi Dubey and Kunaal Roy Kapur. With the release of their new song ‘Ban Dance Mein Kutta’, there is nothing that can make the song any better, except the fact that there is Ravi Dubey in it. Everyone else is just disappointing.

We expected better from singer Divya Kumar who collaborated with Uvie Singer & SHIVI on this #SajidWajid composition. We thought the lyricists Ashraf Ali & Danish Iqbal Sabri would have given sensible wordings but I think we just had high hopes. Apparently, unleashing your party animal meant doing it ‘doggy style’. And in which alternate universe does good bromance include romancing the same girl?

That’s some kind of foursome there.

Karan Singh Grover didn’t have to return only to bring us this, he can go and enjoy his #Dhoom-filled life with Bipasha Basu. This song does no justice to the three actors’ talent (or rather, the lack of it). Ravi has got the worst opening in Bollywood. Kunaal Roy Kapur barely exists. Where a good party anthem always works well for a film, this one might have just made it worse.


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