Now FWICE bans singer Mika Singh, forcing him to finally speak up

By Bandook - August 19, 2019

It’s one thing being ‘banned and boycotted‘ by the All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) and another thing totally, to have that same diktat thrown at you by the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) for the ‘shocking, shameful and shattering’ offence of performing in a neighbouring country you’re not on civil terms with, at the moment.

Why’s that? Because FWICE is actually a film workers’ association that matters in the scheme of things. They’re the oldest active association in Bollywood and pull enough clout to make things happen.

Now FWICE bans singer Mika Singh, forcing him to finally speak up
Mika Singh | Facebook

So much so, they’ve got Mika to finally speak up on the matter and take cognisance of the fact that his performance in Karachi did not sit well with them, observing that they are ‘deeply pained and anguished’ by his performance and that it is ‘shocking, shameful and shattering’ that he did so.

Not one to mince words, FWICE went as far as saying that “Mika Singh’s unbridled greed for money over the nation, indicates a total non-application of mind and smacks of roughish, malafide and traumatic intentions” in their statement.

They further stated that they had “zero tolerance for such acts and unanimously condemn it as anti-national, unpatriotic and ghastly”. For this, they have banned the singer as well as his 14-member crew from “performing, recording, playback singing and acting in India”. 

Now FWICE bans singer Mika Singh, forcing him to finally speak up
Statement issued by the FWICE

Interestingly, the wording on this statement is far more authoritative than the one issued by AICWA and while it “humbly appeals” to stakeholders affected by this decision (read: producers, music directors, event managers, broadcast mediums, music labels, etc), it does so, seeking to “boycott Mika Singh aka Amrik Singh from any musical activity irrevocably forever”.

It is probably that last line that compelled the singer to react out to the FWICE president BN Tiwari via a letter. On Sunday, Mika tweeted a video of Tiwari, where the latter mentions receiving he singer’s letter.

“In the letter, he (Mika) said he would accept everything mentioned by the Federation had he made a mistake and will also apologise to the entire nation,” Tiwari said in the over a minute-long video.

The singer is expected to meet FWICE officials on Tuesday, after which the Federation will take a final call on its decision to ban him.

On Sunday, Mika tweeted a video of FWICE president B N Tiwari stated that Mika has said in the letter that he is willing to agree to all things the confederation decides, but he wants his side to be heard first. “If I have done something wrong, I am ready to apologise to the nation, but until you hear me out, please don’t impose any kind of ban on me.” Tiwari said the letter stated.

The singer captioned the video saying: “I would like to sincerely thank Mr B.N. Tiwari and #FWICE for being so understanding towards me and my sentiments. As I always have done, I will continue to do good for my society and the people of my country. JaiHind.. #Supportindiansingers #Banpaksitanisingers.”

Tiwari adds that the film body representatives will meet Mika tomorrow (August 20). He added that the committee (FWICE) will not pursue the matter (legally) further till the time the meeting between the film body representatives and Singh has been done.


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