Nothing like a Lauv Song to start off your day

By Bryan Durham - March 29, 2018

Nothing like a Lauv Song to start off your day - Bandook

Nothing like a #LauvSong to start off your day
Lauv returns with #ChasingFire. Find out why it’s our #justpushplay song of the day

Bryan Durham for bandook

Love is conflict. Love is chaos. Love is war. Love is chasing fire. And Lauv couldn’t have said it better with this song. It’s a tune that is rather undemanding (we mean this in a good way) initially, but drives at you with the urgency of a sledgehammer and hits you like a car driving at top speed and hitting a stationary object, and leaving you stuck on repeat mode with the resilience of gum stuck on the sole of your shoe.

Yes, it’s that kinda track. It surprises you in a way only Lauv can. He plays around with contradictions in a feel-good way and even if the words betray a more mature mind, it’s nevertheless a breeze to get through.

Where can you listen to this? Just about anywhere. On the go, in the car with the windows down, headphones on while at work. Really, just about anywhere.

So what are you waiting for?


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