Not all expectations met from this Pritam-Irshad soundtrack

By Bryan Durham - February 19, 2020

Not all expectations met from this Pritam-Irshad soundtrack

MUSIC: Pritam
LYRICS: Irshad Kamil
LABEL: Sony Music 
RATING: ***1/2 (three and a half stars out of five)

1. SHAYAD (Arijit Singh)

Explores the messiness and utter confusion of being in love. And elucidates the effects of longing in love. There’s a joy that permeates through its very being.

2. HAAN MAIN GALAT (Arijit Singh & Shashwat Singh)

Pritam TWISTs a hit and limits the recall value to the hook in the chorus, making sure that this modern uptake is its own beast, marching to its own beat. Clearly, Irshad’s lyrics are more mature and metaphorical than the plainly catchy original.

3. MEHRAMA (Darshan Raval & Antara Mitra)

Rather relatable verse by Irshad Kamil. Underlines the utter pointlessness of a breakup and underscores it with a fervent hope that breaks through your overcast sky of emotions, thanks to the deep, sonorous voice of Raval. It’s that sliver of light that cuts through and through. Antara’s parts are anchored in introspection and never really takes flight.

4. RAHOGI MERI (Arijit Singh)

When a relationship ends, it is for good? If one falls out of love with a significant other, it doesn’t mean the other has. For a song that has two prominent and rather moving instrumental interludes, it feels a little stretched even at four-plus minutes, like it has overstayed its welcome.


It’s a joy to hear KK after quite a while on a track that reminds us why we have been in love with him since we first heard his voice. And why we need to hear more from in Bollywood. A song that hits you hard, if you’re nursing a recent breakup.

6. YEH DOORIYAN (Mohit Chauhan)

As you journey to a familiar place, it has you seeing the same sights and hearing the same sounds through new eyes and ears. And a slightly different feel.

7. SHAYAD REPRISE (Arijit Singh & Madhubanti Bagchi)

A slightly different arrangement and very sparse backing vocals by Madhubanti mark the second version of the song.

8. PARMESHWARA (Raftaar)

One that makes sense only if you’ve watched the film already. A treatise on the hoohaa of being in love. Think: a Kartik Aaryan rant as a song. But far better structured, just not as entertaining.

9. DHAK DHAK (Nikhita Gandhi, Akasa)

Did we just take a detour through the African Savannah? It sure feels like you’re on a safari as this song starts out. A auditory romp through the manic mayhem in the mind of a millennial.

10. HAAN TUM HO (Arijit Singh, Shilpa Rao)

It would be unfair to term this one a Rahogi Meri (Reprise). It’s so much more! If Rahogi Meri feels stretched, you don’t want Haan Tum Ho to end. Shilpa Rao brings in a special something with her splendid rendition (so what if it’s right at the death of the song?).

11. MEHRAMA EXTENDED (Darshan Raval & Antara Mitra)

An added verses sung by Raval counts for ‘EXTENDED’ here.


A Pritam-Irshad outing comes with much expectations. Not
all are met here. But a few stay the course and a couple wow


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