Nora Fatehi won over Morocco with her… singing?!

By Bandook - April 26, 2019

Nora Fatehi won over Morocco with her… singing?!

Nora Fatehi CAN dance! And that’s an established fact. Nobody in their right mind would contest that. When that kamariya shakes, everybody sure goes ‘chahe mera dil le le, chahe meri jaan le le’. But at the annual Caftan show in Morocco, she didn’t just wow with her moves, but also her singing.


Nora sang and performed on the Arabic adaptation of her hit track Dilbar, along with the Moroccan hip-hop band Fnaire. If you remember, the stunner had also collaborated with the band for the Arabic version of Dilbar.

Nora Fatehi won over Morocco with her… singing?!

According to sources, Nora aptly represented Indian culture through her Bollywood-themed act at the Caftan Show, which is one of the most prestigious events in Morocco and is aired live on television.

Nora had designed the entire Indian theme for the act including the clothes, Bollywood-style dance movements and her well-choreographed performance. In fact, this was the first time a mix of Moroccan music and Indian visuals were seen on stage.

Speaking about this experience, Nora said, “This was the first time a proper Bollywood theme act was performed on stage, which I organised entirely. The whole Indian theme was done for the first time in Morocco and it was an honour for me to represent Indian culture through costumes and Bollywood dance in Morocco. I thoroughly enjoyed singing the Arabic adaptation of Dilbar on stage.” 

Here’s to more such performances!


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