The name’s Bond. Ed Bond

By Bandook - January 26, 2018

The name’s Bond. Ed Bond - Bandook
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James Bond 007 has a avowed fan in Ed Sheeran. In fact, the ginger-haired singer admitted as much on Ireland’s The Late Late Show. “’I’ve had a theme tune written for about three years, just in case. Just in case!” Sheeran said, adding that nobody had asked him to.

When host Ryan Tubridy asked him for the name, he said, “It’s good. It’s good. I kept it. I just recently did a song with one of my all-time heroes Eminem and when we did a song together I’d already had the song planned because I was like “If I ever work with Eminem, I’ve got this song” so it’s the same for Bond. ‘If ever I’m called, I’ll be like “there you go”.’

The last two singers to sing the theme were Adele and SAM SMITH, both Brits
While he’s put his hat in the ring, so as to speak, this has to reach the producers! #Sheerios, you can make them listen!


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