Naezy’s ‘Khamakha’ video drops, rings truer now than ever before

By Bandook - April 16, 2020

Naezy’s Maghreb dropped early January, but the words of Khamakha ring truer today than at the time of the album’s release.

Naezy’s ‘Khamakha’ video drops, rings truer now than ever before

The official music video for the hip-hop single has shots of Naezy interspersed with shots of the city before and during the lockdown. 

The lyrics urge you to stay safer indoors and “naa jaa raston pe”, a refrain that holds more weight now than ever before.

The video has been shot and developed by Shreepad Gaonkar and produced by Big Bang Music.

Of the video, Naezy says, “All the songs from my album are an extension of my thoughts and feelings. I believe that the art we create should reflect our

thoughts unfiltered and we hold the responsibility to present the truth and spread the right message across as it has an influence on people. This video outlines the irony of life that used to be before this coronavirus crisis and encourages people to be conscious of their actions that can have an adverse reaction to the situation.”

Urging everyone to stay home, he added, “I want to appeal to all to Be home- Be safe and don’t panic as this is the best step to fight this situation. I’m really liking staying home and spending time with my family. It’s giving me enough time to sit, think and write more songs and plan for post-Covid19 world.”

Watch the KAHAMAKHA music video here


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