Music festival sex, anyone?

By Bandook - June 27, 2018

Music festival sex, anyone?

A recent survey conducted on a 1,050 attendees found that 33.6% have had sex at an American music festival.

Here’s the thing. People hook up at music festivals. Wherever in the world you may be. Maybe not as often or as casually in India (but we have no way of measuring that, ergo knowing for certain), but they do. And by hook up, we mean have sex.

Yes, we went there. It happens. And conducted a survey of this hookup culture at music festivals in America. What they found after asking 1,050 people about their sex habits, through Amazon Mechanical Turk, was that 33.6% of the attendees reported having sex at music festivals.

While it comes as no surprise that the most popular place to “do it” were tents (58.1%) and cars (48.4%), what shocked us was that 15.3% preferred getting hot and heavy in a crowd (you read that right!) to a restroom (9.4%).

Electric ForestBonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and Burning Man were the most preferred festivals for getting down to business. 46.4% had oral sex at a festival with someone they’d met for the first time. Doggystyle and standing-up were more preferred than the missionary position.

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