Move over Selena Gomez, Instagram has a new queen

By Bryan Durham - February 26, 2019

thank you, next!

Selena Gomez is no longer the most followed woman on Instagram. That crown now goes to someone younger. That woman is… Ariana Grande. Selena formerly held the title with 146,283,691 followers. Now, Ariana has surpassed her with a count of 146, 323, 740 followers.

Move over Selena Gomez, Instagram has a new queen

It’s a slim lead, but a lead, nevertheless. Selena has been on Instagram’s throne for a while now, with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo surging ahead last October and now with a 155 million following.

Ariana’s rise is dizzying, though not surprsing. She’s consistent in posting and engaging with fans and remains in the news for both her personal and professional life. In the last four months, she has amassed a massive 13 million new followers.

Selena, on the other hand, announced a social media break in September for mental health treatment, though she sporadically posts when she feels up to it.


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