‘Mia’ isn’t Drake’s first Spanish song!

By Bryan Durham - October 24, 2018

If Drake’s Spanish-singing skills came as a shock to you in the music video for ‘Mia’, his collaboration with Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, you have to remember that he did feature on ‘Odio’ with Romeo Santos, way back in 2014.

And while ‘Mia’ was a collaboration teased by the two as early as January this year, the music video for the single released only last week, already notching close to 88 million views on YouTube.

‘Mia’ has been produced by DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz, but in a departure from what he did with ‘Odio’, the song is entirely Spanish.

Well, lucky for us, the two dropped a lyric video entirely translating the song in English for those of us who don’t understand Spanish.

Check it out here:


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