Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS | Review

By Bandook - February 19, 2018

#Friendsmarshmello’s collaboration with vocalist Anne-Marie(remember her from Rockabye Baby?) is being touted as a Friendzone Anthem. The music video for the same is out. Here’s our review of it:
The ’Mello and AM are cleaning up house after a party. She wants some girl-time with the gal-pals, but our boy refuses to leave. In fact, she gets more riled than freaked every time he pops out of a closet or shows more stalker-ish tendencies.
He just doesn’t seem to get that he isn’t wanted around. It plays out rather childishly and really, can anyone find marshmello menacing?
The campiness works in its favour, the cast playing it to the hilt. And so, repeat watching recommended.
Our only grouse is that the message in the words gets lost when you’re having so much fun! Watch it, as the song says ‘6000 times’!

FYI: Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the song plays out in a slasher/stalker flick-like setting.


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