Manjul Khattar is weakest link in Meet Bros new music video

By Bryan Durham - December 13, 2018

The weakest link in the music video of an otherwise solid love song by Meet Bros ft Papon, called Mujhe Kaise, Pata Na Chala, is a TikTok (formerly phenom and this video’s lead actor, Manjul Khattar.

This is the second video released by Meet Bros’ MB Music which features the ‘actor’ in a leading role (after Shy Mora Saiyaan). Both videos share another me-too: being too similar in vibes to Falguni Pathak music videos from the 90s (SMS actually is a spin-off on the song made popular by Falguni).

Onboard Films and video director Story Baba make a markedly better video than the annoyingly cliched Shy Mora Saiyaan.

Manjul plays an out-and-out jerk and prankster (no filters at all) in MKPNC, something he didn’t in SMS. So when you realise why he’s morose throughout, you’re kinda perversely happy that he is dumped.

Which speaks volumes of Story Baba’s nuanced direction, Kumaar’s lyrics, Papon’s heartfelt vocals and the extremely photogenic Rits Badiani. At no point do you feel that Manjul has stepped out of his ‘Johnny Bravo’ persona and his three-and-a-half grins that pass for expressions.

The fact that someone in this entire process felt that Manjul needed to be the centre of attention and that girls go out of their way to simply get noticed by him, perpetuates a myth that good looks let you get away with everything.

That parting shot from The Social Network comes to mind, “You’re not an assh**e. You’re just trying so hard to be one.” That’s the perception that’s coming across in this video.


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