Man Of The Woods – Justin Timberlake Review

By Bryan Durham - February 15, 2018

Man Of The Woods – Justin Timberlake Review - Bandook

Man Of The Woods – Justin Timberlake

1. Filthy: JT’s tryna’ get #SexyBack. He couldn’t spell it out more clearly. He even has @Danja and Timbaland producing the track, for crying out loud!
2. Midnight Summer Jam: 80s throwback with this Neptunes production. Lyrically, this is JT’s paean to his Tennessee roots. The middle of the track is when it really starts hooking you.
3. Sauce: Gino Russ’s monologue on the difference between juice and sauce (Google it) starts off the track. Pink and purple, well we’ll leave you to decipher what those colours mean in Justin’s scheme of things. Quite the foottapper this.
4. Man Of The Woods: Clean-cut country track, the title song is a slow-burning cruiser that leaves nothing to the imagination.
5. Higher Higher: The bridge is literally the best part of the song. Instant earworm.
6. Wave: Late 60s vibe by way of Hawaii. Some fantastic guitar work on what sounds like a surf-inspired effort. Has a groovy bop to it.
7. Supplies: End-of-days jam? Why the hell not? If you’re gonna go down fighting, might as well have Suppli-ie-ie-i-ies playing in the background, no?
8. Morning Light (ft Alicia Keys): Singing about waking up next to the one you love never sounded as sexy.
9. Say Something (ft Chris Stapleton): Our favourite track off this album. It’s got staying power. And when CS takes charge on the second verse, you’re just soaring despite the lyrics telling a different tale.
10. Hers (Interlude): Jessica Biel on what it feels to wear her man’s clothes. Possessiveness never felt as appealing.
11. Flannel: Like a Sunday church hymn. It feels warm, fuzzy and familiar. Limited appeal.
12. Montana: All roads lead to the one you love, in this song. Dreamy and a hint of Europop.
13. Breeze Off The Pond: Synth-heavy sparkler. Downtempo disco growler.
14. Livin’ Off The Land: Lyrically, the one that’s closest in theme to the title. Dance-appropriate.
15. Hard Stuff: Genre-sincere, it’s not as experimental as the rest of the songs.
16. Young Man: Dedicated to Silas, JT’s son with wife Jessica Biel, it’s a note filled with advice to the child. A veritable do-and-don’t list.

VERDICT: Less ‘of the woods’ and more ‘of the world’. Nevertheless, an experience worth savouring.


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