Maluma and Shakira are effortlessly sexy in Clandestino

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - July 29, 2018

Maluma and Shakira are effortlessly sexy in Clandestino

Then again, when are they not?

Shakira and Maluma light up the stage (or rather, the sets) each time they come up with a collaboration. It hits YouTube with such force, one cannot help but appreciate how beautiful the two are. They don’t even need to try, they’re effortlessly sexy and perfect.

First, they did ‘Chantaje’, then there was ‘Trap’ and now with ‘Clandestino’, everything just got hotter in the room. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the two Latin megastars anyway.

The new music video was shot on the Spanish coast and directed by Jaume De Laiguana. It shows Shakira and Maluma fighting a clandestine love, and it is not hard to understand why they are the most desired musical couple we know.

With shots on the beach where Shakira shows off her famous moves, Maluma’s jaw-dropping smile, their loving stolen glances, running away from the car, everything about this video makes you love them even more. They could just stand for all we know, they’d still set us on fire with their presence itself.

You can’t make out that Maluma, 25 and Shakira, 41, are ages apart, but still hold a special place in our desirable hearts, where we want more collaborations from them each time.


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