Luka Chuppi’s ‘Duniya’ is a subtly worked-on re-creation that reels you in with the video

By Bryan Durham - February 23, 2019

SONG: Duniyaa (Original song: Khaab)
FILM: Luka Chuppi
SINGER: Akhil, Dhvani Bhanushali (Original: Akhil)
MUSIC: Abhijit Vaghani (Original: Bob)
LYRICS: Kunaal Vermaa (Original: Raja)
LABEL: T-Series


Duniyaa, in a past life was a Punjabi song called Khaab, sung by Akhil. The original song’s video on YouTube currently stands at 250 million-plus views in the last two years.

The only USP of that video was Parmish Verma, the singing phenomenon who acted in the video and also doubled up as that song’s video director. The only tie-in to that song is that Akhil has sung both songs.


The video begins with Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aaryan’s characters starting out their new life together. It’s a montage of tender moments that stays with you long after the video is done.

Many young couples will relate to those little milestones of finding each other in new ways, re-discovering each other in ways unimagined and revel in it.


Duniyaa transforms Khaab from a sweet Punjabi pop song about losing yourself in love to a rock-influenced Bollywood version about finding yourself in the other.

Abhijit Vaghani is someone who’s well-versed in producing tracks for Bollywood re-gurgitation, does a fairly competent job, not messing with the core melody too much.

Akhil is spot-on as usual, but Dhvani’s rendition is pleasant, though not her best, by far.

The weakest link, however, is Kunaal Vermaa. The lyrics are oversimplified and ordinary. What doesn’t work is the need to not just “show”, but also “tell”. It doesn’t lead you on flights of imaginations where visuals fail.

bandook VERDICT

Quite possibly, the final re-creation (and track) from Luka Chuppi album, this is probably the best of the lot, maintaining the integrity of the original while adding the right touches, musically. The video is the out-and-out star of this track, though!


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