OneRepublic’s Start Again video is a hopeful one

By Bryan Durham - June 25, 2018


OneRepublic’s Start Again video is a hopeful one

The video for Start Again, OneRepublic’s latest single featuring Logic opens to a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The track, originally featuring on the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 soundtrack, acquires new meaning here, with this video.

It’s a video that’s accentuated with the hard-hitting lyrics, proving that the message works, no matter what the visuals. The hope that it isn’t too late, that the future doesn’t have to be what you see in the video, is a valiant one.

When Ryan Tedder and the 1R boys rummage through an abandoned warehouse for anything they can salvage, they find a device that brings up a hologram of Logic.

We’ve done wrong by the planet (or someone we love), but it isn’t too late to start again and be forgiven. Logic’s portions underscore exactly that (but the multi-layered meaning doesn’t escape you either.

By the time the end rolls up, you’re already sold. You are invested in the idea of turning back the clock on global warming and preventing nuclear war. In whatever way you can.

And that’s a beginning worth trying for.


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