Kushal Chokshi and Falguni Pathak just recorded a Navratri special song!

By Bryan Durham - August 29, 2018

Secret Superstar singer Kushal Chokshi has announced a collaboration with ‘Garba Queen’ Falguni Pathak on a Navratri special track, due to release late-September.

Kushal and Falguni have just finished recording for the single and one can expect it to be massive. We reached out to Kushal to ask him how the collaboration came to be.  Here’s what he had to share…

Congratulations on the collaboration with Falguni Pathak. Did you know her personally before this?
No. We didn’t know each other before this. Amit and Chandresh Shah of Rangat Productions, an artist management company, helped me reach out to her. I met her on August 23, she loved the song and in the first meeting itself, she gave me the date for the recording (August 28).

And your first impressions of her as a person?
She is the humblest superstar singer I’ve ever met. She respects music, something that’s lacking in most musicians these days. I have a god-level respect for her, especially after meeting her. It has always been a dream to have a song with her.

What’s the single going to be called?
There’s no official title yet. The working title is Kanhaa Re as the song starts with those words, but since there are a lot of similar song titles, we’re planning on a new title.

What else can you tell us about the single?
It’s going to have an Indian folk-meets-electronic vibe with the garba, raas and pop feel. If I had to say it in one line, it’a very nice, cute mixed-feelings wala song on Krishna-Yashoda. The music video will feature a good storyline. It’s yet to be shot.

Who’s behind the making of this song apart from you and Falguni?
I’ve composed and produced it. Atri Raval has penned the lyrics. Rishin Saraiya is behind the rhythm arrangement.


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