Khido Khundi | Review

By Bandook - March 26, 2018

Khido Khundi | Review - Bandook

Review by Bryan Durham
SONG: Apnya Di Thaa
FILM: Khido Khundi
MUSIC: Jaidev Kumar – Musician/Band
LYRICS: Fateh Shergill

– Ranjit Bawa sings his heart out as he plays Fateh in Khido Khundi.
– The film is about two brothers and their common love for hockey and how the competition within the sport causes one of them to almost give up on his dreams of playing for country.
– Khido apparently means a ball made out of torn clothes and khundi is a curved stick.
– We see Ranjit in a wheelchair, injured and broken, as he struggles to make peace with his situation.
– The pain is writ large across each character’s face.
– Jaidev’s music runs perfectly in time with the actions on screen. It’s not in-your-face and yet, is hard-hitting.
– Fateh’s lyrics are easy to understand, even if you have a rudimentary understanding of Punjabi


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